Need a Handyman? Arizona Home Check provides just about any home maintenance or repair service.

  • Air conditioners – install window mount style
  • Bathroom fart fans – install/  replace
  • Baseboard – install
  • Blinds/ Shades – install/ replace
  • Cabinets – install/ repair
  • Ceiling fans – install
  • Carpentry / closets, shelving
  • Crown molding / installation
  • Deck building / repairs
  • Door/ Window hardware – install/ replace
  • Doors – int/ext / install/ repair/ replace
  • Draperies/ Blinds / install/ replace
  • Drywall / install/ repair/ replace
  • Electrical – outlets/ switches/ fixtures
  • Fencing – Wood, Metal / install/ repair/ replace
  • Flat Screen TV / Install / Wiring
  • Holiday Decorating / Lighting Installation
  • Landscape Lighting – install/ service/ repair
  • Plumbing – Garbage disposals, toilets, faucets, drains, sinks
  • Pavers / install / Remove
  • Painting / interior & Exterior surfaces and trim
  • Rock / Gravel Delivery & Installation
  • Sign/ Mailbox post – install/ replace
  • Small Stucco repair
  • Surround Sound / Home Theatre / Installation / Surface mounted & In wall
  • Tree Trimming / Tree Removal / Stump Grinding

*We install appliances of all kind

*Service rates are $65 per hour with a 1 hour minimum

*Free estimates

*Travel Charge may apply to some areas outside our normal service area

Things every home should think about

  1. Replace old supply lines and valves in your home lowering your Liability of plumbing leaks and floods. We became very serious about stressing the IMPORTANCE of updating these simple things in homes after telling a customer they needed to do this in there home, They decided to put this simple upgrade on the back burner for the time being and only a few weeks after our initial walk through recommendation while they spent 2 mins taking out the Trash one of these old plastic valves failed in their master bathroom causing over $37,000 in damage to their home in just 120 Seconds. Don’t wait on these simple maintenance upgrades as nobody wants to move out of their home and into a hotel while their house is getting repaired due to massive water damage.

The photo below is an old style of supply lines and shut off valves.

Old Supply Lines and Valves
Old Supply Lines and Valves

The Photo Below is the updated Braided supply lines and quarter turn shut off valves.

New Braided Supply Lines and quarter turn valves
New Braided Supply Lines and quarter turn valves

2. Replace electrical devices over 10 years old. Think of electrical devices like any other mechanical devices after 10 years of use they will require some love. Electrical Switches and outlets in your home are one of the most overlooked upgrades in any home that can cause MAJOR ISSUES if not taken care of. Electricity puts off heat and over time the heat breaks down the device eventually causing Arching and eventually FIRE. A simple switch or outlet can be as affordable as 95 Cents per switch or outlet don’t let that be the reason your home is at risk.

The photo below is of a slightly damaged outlet which can begin to cause issues.

Broken Electrical Outlets eventually lead to Arching and Fires.
Broken Electrical Outlets eventually lead to Arching and Fires.

The Photo below is an outlet that finally failed. Notice from the view which is what you see sticking out of the wall there is almost NO SIGN of a problem.

When electrical outlets get old they fail. Dont let something that costs 95 cents be the cause of a fire in your home.
When electrical outlets get old they fail. Don’t let something that costs 95 cents be the cause of a fire in your home.

The below photo is of a replaced outlet with an LED cover plate night light.


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