How can I trust Arizona Home Check Property Management?

Arizona Home Check Property Management is structured around your trust and reputation. We take pride in providing the highest quality of service and get almost all of our clients via word of mouth. Have a look at our Testimonials page!

How much does it cost?

For basic Arizona Home Check Property management services, our clients are charged a flat rate per month. Housekeeping, Landscaping, and other services are not included in that monthly fee and are assessed based on the client’s wants and needs.

What should I expect from an Arizona home check?

Arizona Home Check checks clients’ homes on a weekly basis with a detailed checklist to ensure a thorough inspection of the exterior, interior, and all parts of the home. Each week the homeowner will receive an email showing what the Arizona Home Check associate found as well as a digital picture of the home and/or problem. If there is a problem, Arizona Home Check can help coordinate repairs as needed.

What if I want to let my friends/family use the home or rent out my home?

Arizona Home Check will be happy to help coordinate the stays of your friends and family or renters and provide them with any services as needed. We can open the home and be there to provide them with the keys and any instructions for using the home. We can also coordinate cleaning services after they leave to make sure they have left the home in the condition you would like it to be.


Why do I need a home management service?

As your home sits vacant throughout the year, a variety of situations can occur that need your attention. From pipes bursting to Air Conditioners not working, many expected and unexpected costly issues can arise. Arizona Home Check takes preventative steps to reduce these circumstances. Extreme weather and Extreme Heat can create unforeseen costly damaging effects on a house. By being physically present in the house, we can prevent most problems from occurring or at least minimize the overall cost/damage thus saving you both time and considerable money.

How is Arizona Home Check different from a property manager?

We offer a 24 hour a day on-call representative at your service. While Arizona Home Check and property managers provide similar services, Other property managers take a percentage of your rental income, the primary goal of Arizona Home Check is performing home checks. Thus Arizona Home Check provides expertise in the field of home management without stealing a percentage of your rental income.

Can homeowners be part of a rental program and use Arizona Home Check services?

If Arizona Home Check homeowners wish to periodically rent out their home using Rental By Owner services, we are happy to help with client management. These services include check-in/out services and inspections, arranging cleaning/laundry services, and an on-call representative for client’s needs. We would be happy to recommend a Rental By Owner service to help you market and book your property.

How do I sign up?

If you’re ready for Arizona Home Check to start watching and caring for your home, please call us at (480) 906-3797. Initially he will help you identify all available services and then initiate home watch services as soon as needed.