Arizona Home Check offers a variety of services for Second Homes and Vacation Properties in the Scottsdale AZ Region.

Arizona Home Check offers a wide array of property management programs to fit your homes needs. Our basic property management and maintenance service covers most of your homes needs and typically takes about 4 hours per month.

  • Electrical plug & switch checks
  • Electrical breaker testing and checks
  • Light bulbs checks & replacements
  • Air conditioner checks
  • Faucet and drain checks
  • Air handler system checks and filter changes
  • Water softner & filtration checks
  • Loose hardwear such as door nobs and cabinets
  • GFCI recepticle testing
  • Garbage disposal checks and odor mait
  • Plumbing leak checks
  • Plumbing system analysis
  • Pool Pump and equipment checks
  • Exterior examination
  • Roof analysis

We can also manage sub-contractors, set up repairs, pay bills (a 15% Administrative fee does apply). We take the headache out of picking a good contractor as we know who to use, and even better who not to use. We can provide electricians, plumbers, HVAC, carpenters, painters, tree-trimming, landscaping, dryer vent cleaning, and much more! You name the service – we have a contractor that works in that trade.

An annual contract is required for all property management services with the exception of housekeeping. Our monthly management fees vary depending on the location of the property, and the needs of the owner.

Contact us for more information with the square footage of the property, home address, your specific needs, and requests.

Other Property Management Services We Offer

Arizona Home Check also provides other hourly management services so you only pay for what service you want. No need to pay more or less and we have a team to offer quick and efficient hourly management services. Simply pay for the time you need access to our services and we will take care of the rest.


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